IMG_5316-2aMy name is Rafael Di Furia, many people call me “Rafi Di”. I was born and raised in the USA but always knew a life abroad was the life for me. At the age of 17,  I embarked on my new adventure. It brought me to many amazing places and I had the opportunity to meet many people. In my early teen years I had an interest in the visual arts and with my love of observing the world around me, I knew I had to figure out a way to make it my career.  In 2009 GlassHat Media was born from those roots. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to capture images and video for a wide variety of clients around the world, from Governmental Ministries to Christian Ministries, schools, NGO’s, non-profits, news agencies, music artists and even families. My background has given me a unique appreciation and viewpoint on the world we live in and I always put 100% of myself into what I create. The main goal of GlassHat Media from day one has been to help my clients convey their vision through visual media and to make their ideas come alive.